Reduce energy and raw material waste, increase production flexibility and improve ergonomics to benefit the health and safety of our employees. These are the main goals that led us to create a new packaging department.
After the first valuation estimates in 2018, intense design work was carried out for the tailor-made automation, which has become operational in recent months. This project was created to merge the packaging and finishing department into a new plant, and is dedicated to sustainability in several respects. 

The new machinery introduced into the company has improved workers’ conditions because it can be adjusted to suit the build of individuals and thereby reduce and lessen their movements, preventing any risk to the operators. When handling the valves, workers can notice if there are residual defects or other imperceptible flaws. These are important steps, because they allow us to maintain a very high quality standard

Also, regarding raw material waste, we now use less packaging and have reduced shipping volumes.  And the labelling has also been optimised: the system recognises the carton to be used for the product, weighs it, applies the correct label and checks it.

But not only: we focus increasingly on the services that our customers can in turn offer their customers, even regarding packaging. These include better-protected products, the ability to use three different sizes, and the ability to customise the look.

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