We know your niche
and listen to your
unique challenges

Highly specialised is the only way to be the best in the world at something, and we chose valves and actuators. If you’re curious to know how to take it up a notch, we look forward to serving you!


Top manufacturers of food plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, commercial boilers, HVAC and radiant heating have automated processes and saved money using our electric and pneumatic actuators. For extra quality, our actuated valves are built for 100,000 cycles open-and-close.


Automotive, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cooling systems, power generation and industrial machinery... We’re highly focused on Industrial applications because reliability is first and foremost, thus our 100% 24-72 hours double-testing process and our lifetime guarantee are greatly appreciated. Why risk damaging your plant, machinery and reputation, when you can sleep soundly with RuB valves?


Our valves are chosen to ensure gas metering plants, boilers and burners, HVAC systems and water heaters have zero gas leakages. We are chosen to handle even refinery, chemical and pharmaceutical gases like methane, propane and butane. Each of our gas valves is pluri-awarded and certified because we manufacture them to perform flawlessly with any gas type, in any environment and under any local government regulation.

Drinking water

Water deserves the respect of the highest safety and hygiene standards. We accumulated decades in manufacturing ball valves with particular alloys prescribed by each local government and authority all over the world. Whether you need brass ball valves with dezincification-resistant brass DZR CW602N, Lead-Free CW510L, DZR and Lead-Free CW511L, UBA-approved brass CW617N-DW, or others, we have the solution to your specific needs.


Find the most reliable solution to your pneumatic applications within our range of mini, micro and downstream exhaust valves.


Valves are operated with low frequency, and only in case of emergency and life-or-death situations. Reliability is extremely critical and our lifetime guarantee is a clear signal that you can rely on RuB valves to operate flawlessly.


With so many options for plumbing valves these days, if you want to take it up a notch and focus on safety and reliability rather than price, we offer a wide range of plumbing products focused on safeguarding People, the Planet and Water.