On march 8th every year we celebrate International Women's Day all over the world.

Yes, but what does this really mean? A bunch of mimosas and realms of frivolous flattery?

We at BONOMI INDUSTRIES prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. This is why, within the company, we want gender equality - a hot topic these days - to be something real. We want the figures to show how just seriously we take it: in BONOMI INDUSTRIES the proportion of female staff (49.16%) is almost perfectly equal to the proportion of male staff (50.84%). So far, so good. But since we are a mechanical engineering company, the balance we need to improve concerns the fact that the technical workforce is predominantly male, while the female component is mainly assigned to the assembly operations, due to their exceptional attention to detail, dynamism and flexibility.

As part of our commitment to closing even this small professional gap, the company has invested in the training of female workers, so that they are able to carry out operations that also require technical and mechanical skills. In some departments, we have created training programs that have led our female workers to become machinists, that is, workers capable of tooling and maintaining the various industrial machines. Today, 70% of the suitable and qualified staff trained in this role are women (13 out of 19 machinists).

There are many other company initiatives designed for women. Concerning the work-life balance, 58% of the staff who have signed an agile working agreement in the company are women.  There are also temporary flexible working time initiatives in place for female staff, specifically designed to help them manage family commitments. These include the possibility for production staff returning from maternity leave to work part time for at least a year, while pregnant women may choose to work from home for the last few months before their maternity leave.

The gender gap, in businesses, is often reflected above all in the gender pay gap. In BONOMI INDUSTRIES we care about fair treatment for men and women, and not just at surface level.

Finally, 40 per cent of our corporate board are female senior staff. 

All this proves that, in BONOMI INDUSTRIES, International Women's Day really means something every other day. With or without mimosas.

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