After a mandatory pause due to the Covid emergency, we were pleased to once we welcome high school students to Bonomi Industries again through the P.C.T.O project, which stands for in English “Paths for the Development of Cross-cutting Skills and Orientation”, previously known as school-work alternance.
This year, for the three central weeks of December, we received two 4th-year Mechatronics students from the Cerebotani Institute in Lonato (BS), Alessio Arrighetti and Francesco Maniscalco. They experienced the entire production cycle of RuB ball valves, from raw materials to shipping, expressing their enthusiasm for seeing how a company operates from the inside.

"I expected to learn as much as possible in both the production and organizational aspects," said Alessio, a motors and mechanics lover. The result? He considers it "achieved, thanks also to the qualified staff I worked with, who were very willing to explain their roles within the company." It was a comprehensive internship: I had the opportunity to see the company's tasks and functions from a 360-degree perspective, and this will help me in choosing my future study and career path."

Francesco echoed, "I expected to enrich my professional background as much as possible, and it happened. I found honest, helpful, and knowledgeable people, and I got to see how a company is structured with its various offices and roles." This experience "gave me greater awareness of my future career. I thank everyone for the time dedicated to me."

The students' stay in our headquarters was managed by Arianna Zaffaroni, Development and Organization Manager, who ensured their proper integration into the company and planned their mentorship. "Opening the doors to PCTO," she says, "on one hand, requires a significant commitment from the entire company organizational structure, which I take this opportunity to thank. On the other hand, it represents a valuable opportunity for both students and the company. It creates a dedicated learning space where students apply their knowledge and responsibly use the tools of the trade. This way, the education system integrates with the working world, narrowing the gap between skills and professional requirements demanded by the current economic-production reality."
This connection between the company and school allows the organization to work more effectively on Employer Branding activities, disseminate and consolidate its reputation in the local community, and attract and retain the most valuable talents. That is why it is crucial to provide quality in the program, welcome students warmly, and support their motivation.

To Francesco and Alessio, we wish a fruitful academic path and the best of luck in finding their place in the world. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming story of
EL HAITAR ADAM, a 3rd-year student in "Mechanical Operator specializing in machine tools” at the Vantini Institute in Rezzato (BS), whose internship began on 22/01/2024

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