For years, precisely since 2012, Lean philosophy has been integrated into our business processes. Rationalization and optimization of spaces, time, energy, and resources are at the core of this mindset shift, which adapts perfectly not only to industrial contexts but also to everyday life. Five Japanese words, all-starting with the letter "S," briefly and effectively explain what Lean philosophy is. 
Here they are:

1. SEIRI: Separate the necessary from unnecessary items and eliminate the superfluous.
2. SEITON: Neatly organize what remains.
3. SEISO: Clean the workspace, equipment, and tools.
4. SEIKETSU: Standardize the regular activities of the first three S’s.
5. SHITSUKE: Spread and sustain the first four S’s.

These are simple guidelines for cleaning and organizing spaces and activities, but when applied consistently, they can truly improve and ease the lives of those working in the company. This is why, this year in March, we appointed 35 people as "ambassadors" of the Lean philosophy, following a training program implemented with the support of an external consultant, Paolo Cavallin. From the beginning of 2023, when we resumed Lean activities after a pause, to today, we have had 18 open projects, with some completed and others ongoing.

The results were quickly visible, as testified by several of our team leaders. In the purchasing office, a holistic approach was taken, aiming not only for a more orderly work environment but also for greater operational efficiency. Similarly, a project was guided towards reorganizing the workspace in the production departments, with the main goal of optimizing order and efficiency through a more logical and accessible arrangement of components and tools. This was achieved by creating carts designed to keep essential components at the machine's side, ensuring they were always within reach. This is a significant step forward from the past when components were stored in drawers on the floor, with all the associated issues of weight, precariousness, and safety.

These few examples of Lean philosophy application show how the environment and working methods in the company have improved thanks to this new approach. It is important to emphasize that at the core of everything is the continuous exchange of ideas and best practices, which have allowed us to identify and implement innovative solutions.

This demonstrates once again that collaboration and colleague involvement are always the keys to the success of this and all other activities at Bonomi Industries.

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