Our Vision

Guarantee complete safety
and highest reliability
in all of our products’ applications.


Our Mission

Build relationships of trust with each customer,
all over the world, offering valves
and actuators of certified quality.


Company profile

Our Core Values


Our customers are partners and as such, are centric to all we do. What and how we build is driven by what customers tell us matters to them.


Quality innovation 

Every year we handle 95+ OEM projects that lead us to constantly raising the bar of what “quality” is. Each year we purchase multiple new equipment to make more complex and precise machining.


Integrity and Loyalty 

Our relationships with customers, partners, employees and suppliers are all based on integrity, loyalty and respect. These were founding principles since 1954 and we strive to embody them every day in everything we do.



We safeguard People by caring for our staff, improving the local community, and protecting people all over the world with flawless products that prevent damages and accidents. 


Our Planet  

We’re on a mission to safeguard the Planet and its resources. With so many options of valves and actuator manufacturers, we want to raise awareness of using products that actually protect the Planet and its resources. Hence, our Lifetime Warranty and pledge of sustainability.

Code of Ethics

Organization Chart

bonomi industries manufacturer


We want to bring positive change to People and the Planet. Other than the way we produce and operate internally, we contribute to non-profit initiatives that match our values. We believe in social initiatives, with educational and welfare support for minority groups; cultural initiatives to preserve Art and Beauty for future generations; and non-profit associations that safeguard the Planet.

I bambini delle fate
I Bambini delle Fate

Sponsoring a project to restructure a local medical clinic and create a course to teach parents how to communicate with children with autism.

palazzo del broletto
Adopt a Monument - Broletto

“Broletto” is one of the finest town halls in Lombardy, home of the medieval lords ruling over the city and now the seat of the Provincial Administration. Our goal is to help preserve it for future generations to appreciate this architectural gem.

duomo vecchio
Adopt a Monument – Duomo Vecchio

Old Cathedral and fine circular Romanesque architecture dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. Built between the 5th and 6th AD, it stands on the ruins of the early Christian basilica of “Santa Maria Maggiore de Dom”. We strive to promote local culture and civil responsibility.

Ambulance party

Annual fest to fundraise for the Ambulance Service in Mazzano to convey the importance of safety when you drive.

Vehicle for disabled people

We sponsored a new transportation vehicle for disabled people in our town, Mazzano. 

Mondo bambino
Mondo Bambino

Support to all children with medical issues with no distinction of race, religion and culture at the local kindergarten. Sponsoring a new MRI equipment for paediatric radiology for the Children’s Hospital in Brescia.

Iniziative l’Ove de l’Asino
Iniziative l’Ove de l’Asino
“Twirling dance” majorettes
“Twirling dance” majorettes

Achieve top-notch performances 
with top-notch products performances

Choose reliable and flawless fluid control solutions.
Choose to safeguard People and the Planet.
Choose BONOMI Industries.