RuB valves are manufactured using only raw materials purchased from certified suppliers; all of our production undergoes strict quality controls and further checks are performed on the valves before shipment. This is why our standard valves are truly guaranteed for life.

Each valve bears the year and week of production: this enables its traceability, as envisaged by our Quality Management System, from the part number and date code back to the production batch, and even as far as the raw material used, i.e. the supplier's bar used for production.

Very often, the traceability process is tested during audits, with customers requesting the analysis of sample codes and a step-by-step demonstration of the querying process.

“In our automated production process everything is put into our SAP management system, which also interacts with Netpro, a program installed directly on the machines where the operators work”, explains Claudio Lazzaroni, the Traceability Process Owner.

"By querying our management system, we are able to access a top-down analysis which “explodes” the finished code, tracing all the components and related sub-components, as well as the internal production orders necessary to arrive at the finished valve to be shipped. Indeed, we are even able to trace the operator who worked on that particular job order," concludes Claudio.

In fact, all the production phases are included in the system, and nothing is left to chance: entry of the raw material, weighing, storage in the warehouse, various subsequent processes, the different assembly phases up to that of the lever, and the shipment to the customers.

The traceability process is a service that offers peace of mind and security to our customers, who are constantly supported in the aftersales period. We collaborate with them to manage any problems that may arise,  by identifying the root cause, and finding the best solution for their project. 

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