This year environmental labelling for packaging officially became mandatory in Italy, and BONOMI INDUSTRIES was ready, having conformed to this new rule last September. It does not apply solely to packaging producers but to all packaging users working in Italy.

The cornerstone of the law is the requirement to attach a label to packaging showing information on what the packaging is made of and, in certain cases, how it is to be disposed of. The new environmental labelling models apply only to packaging produced, packaged and imported in Italy. Packaging destined for export to third countries is thus not covered by it.

The purpose of the law is to incentivise recycling, giving end consumers correct packaging recycling information. Firms are required to display the environmental characteristics of their packaging clearly and fully in order to raise consumer awareness of waste recycling.

The steps involved in compliance are straightforward. If packaging is for the B2B channel, i.e. end users, as is the case for Bonomi Industries, all that is required is to show the alphanumeric code identifying the materials used, in accordance with Directive 129/7/EC.

In practice, a few extra words on labels is all that is required for a more sustainable future. It is a path which BONOMI INDUSTRIES has already set out on, often ahead of the pack. Because environmental and human health cannot wait.

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