22nd April 2024 -Earth dayToday, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, an opportunity to reflect on the ecosystem that hosts us and the world we will leave to our children and grandchildren. First observed in 1970, Earth Day has evolved into an initiative aimed at promoting sustainability both at a personal and a community level.

This year, Bonomi Industries is actively committed to celebrating this important day. For this occasion, we have sent out an internal communication to remind everyone of the importance of our daily actions. Additionally, we have distributed plantable pencils as a practical way to encourage reuse and waste reduction, as well as to remember the company's commitment through the Bonomi Industries Forest project in partnership with Treedom.

Our dedication does not stop here. We are aware of how our actions affect the environment and continue to invest in new solutions to reduce these impacts. Recently, we have introduced more eco-friendly packaging and participated in industry fairs using a more sustainable stand.

We believe it is important to raise awareness about environmental issues within our team. By organizing workshops, like the recent one on World Water Day, we aim to inspire everyone to adopt more sustainable daily practices.

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