The challenge of becoming more sustainable not only in terms of production processes and product recyclability, but also the philosophy that guides our exhibition activities. What better opportunity to showcase this additional step toward being green than the MCE 2024 expo, held in Fiera Milano in Rho from 12 to 15 March

Bonomi Industries has already tried its hand in this field at FuturaExpo 2023, held in Brescia in October, 2023. On that occasion we set up a fully eco-sustainable stand and presented the unique measures and activities that, our company puts in place to protect the environment and support its employees.
For MCE 2024, the flagship event for the HVAC+R sector, we have increased our exhibition space, but the biggest innovation lies in the patented modular Tools and Cover-Up technologies used to set up the Bonomi Industries stand. The space is conceived as a contemporary sustainable home, in which the materials used ensure that every element is transformed and reused at the end of its cycle in order to reduce scrap and waste. At the heart of it, all is “The Neutral Way” philosophy, which is based on a highly innovative, versatile and scalable modular system of our stand builder "Henoto".

But how is a traditional stand different from the one we will adopt at MCE? 80% of the structure of a traditional trade fair set-up is usually made up of wood/honeycomb board/plastic elements and panels that need to be painted, finished and anchored to the floor using specific techniques, generating waste and dust. All materials that can only be used once and must then be disposed of as special waste. The Cover-Up panels used are, on the other hand, based on aluminium frames that are transported fully disassembled, reducing their volume considerably. This material is extremely light and durable, and can also be recycled repeatedly while preserving the quality of the original product. The aluminium frame is covered by a graphic printed on fabric, which is also derived from recyclable materials. This system ensures that the structures can be reused at least 100 times, after which 100% of the materials used are recycled, for the benefit of the environment. The materials used help to avoid up to 87% of CO2 emissions, while the technology is highly adaptable and allows the stand to be assembled and disassembled in a very short time.
The weight difference between the two systems should not be underestimated either. Suffice it to say that a honeycomb panel weighs 40 kg and occupies a volume of 0.12 cubic meters, while a Cover-Up panel weighs 10 kg and occupies a volume of 0.02 cubic meters.

Finally, the fabric covering the stand is not only sustainable, but is also highly effective and ductile. It is a flexible organic material that is very tough and resilient, and has good abrasion, chemical and physical resistance. All of these features make it ideal for printing to create unlimited moods and textures. 

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