Specifically responding to a need in the automotive application, s.17 is fitted under the oil sump to ease drainage operations, and furthermore granting a most reliable tightness thanks to its special automatic locking device, even under severe conditions of vibration stress.

Frozen drain plug and stripped threads are eliminated, no more contact with hot oil, no messy hands or cloths and reduced oil changing time.



Technical Info

  • 24h 100% seal test guaranteed
  • No metal-to-metal moving parts
  • No maintenance ever required
  • Silicone-free lubricant on all seals
  • Screwdriver slot, the slot orientation shows the ball position
  • Hot forged sand blasted, unplated brass body and cap sealed with metacrylate sealant
  • Compact design and solid structure
  • Finest brass according to EN 12165 and EN 12164 to prevent corrosion
  • 90° open / close
  • Blowout-proof AISI 316 stainless steel stem
  • Maintenance-free, double FPM O-ring at the stem for maximum safety
  • 20 bar (300 PSI) non-shock cold working pressure
  • -20°C to +130°C (-4°F to +266°F)
  • WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve
  • Pure PTFE self-lubricating seats
  • Elbow version with hose connection
  • Allen stem
  • M22X1.5 thread with seat for O-ring seal
  • AISI 316 stainless steel ball
  • Custom design
  • Aluminum body
  • The product meets the requirements of PED Directive 2014/68/UE and according to art.4 par.3, it does not require CE marking
  • GOST-R (Russia)
  • RoHS Compliant (EU)

  NOTE: approvals apply to specific configurations/sizes only.


Technical material


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