For us, quality is a vital requirement. Our whole production cycle is built on the highest quality, from the selection of the raw material and the supplier to the fine-tuning of the products. This is an approach, which is reflected in many stages of the activities we do every day.

Quality is the cornerstone of our work; it is not just a theoretical concept, it is certified and tangible. Indeed, we strongly believe that it is only by meeting the highest standards and through scrupulous control of processes that we are able to achieve our main goal: delivering 100% customer satisfaction and ensuring that they always find a reliable partner in us.

Over time, BONOMI INDUSTRIES’ ball valves have received approval from leading international bodies which have certified their very high quality levels and the careful control of production. A model which allows us to offer outstanding service and rapid response times.

For example, for drinking water, we work with the product compliance standards provided by the British certification WRAS - Water Regulations Approval Scheme. The WRAS was issued by an independent British certification body and certifies the conformity of plumbing articles and materials. Achieving this certification demonstrates compliance with the BS standards (British Standard) for plumbing connectors. Indeed, WRAS is only awarded to organisations, which are able to pass rigorous tests conducted in accredited laboratories, offering consumers a guarantee of quality.

BONOMI INDUSTRIES achieved WRAS certification in 2011 with the approval of the s64/s84/s90 valves. This year, we successfully renewed it. This means that, in addition to complying with our legal obligations and the international requirements for drinking water, we have the opportunity to increase our sales in areas of the world where the British authority’s standards apply.

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