Supplier choice and traceability are key concepts to which we at Bonomi Industries pay close attention. That is because we do not just guarantee quality and accuracy on everything we produce in-house, but we also closely monitor the entire upstream chain, that of our suppliers. 

In fact, in the company, suppliers of goods and services are selected and assessed through a very thorough and rigorous process aimed at choosing those that best guarantee compliance with specific requirements. Only in this way can we ensure that the procurement process is based on a list of qualified suppliers that are able to promptly supply quality primary products and services, meet the technical and organisational needs and satisfy the minimum ethical and institutional requirements.

We look for the best suppliers to suit our needs through referrals and references from industry contacts, receipt of cover letters, catalogues or contacts at trade fairs, as well as through our own thorough internet searches. 

Moreover, to guarantee continuity of supply, we have at least two suppliers for each product category, so that the production process is not compromised under any circumstances.

At the end of each year, 100% of the qualified primary suppliers are requalified by submitting an annual assessment of the quality and punctuality data related to their services, highlighting any critical points and performance drops, and inviting them to plan corrective actions to improve their services. 

In addition, most of them have the certification of compliance with the Quality Management System to ISO 9001 and the certification of compliance with the Environmental Management System to EN ISO 14001. They also provide a raw material certificate with each delivery, which contains certain parameters required in our technical specifications. 

Other no less important factors, such as environmental impact, protection of human rights and work ethics, are also considered when selecting a supplier. We prefer partners who respect these factors and who can demonstrate them.
Finally, a requalification audit is carried out every two years, with a visit to the supplier's plant.

The “Made in Italy” concept is also fundamental for us: 95% of our suppliers are Italian, 50% of which are located in the province of Brescia.
The raw materials used come from European suppliers, mainly Italian, and in particular the brass bar from which the valves are made is purchased in the province of Brescia, a stone's throw from our production plant and headquarters. 

It is crucial not just to choose the right business partner, but above all to maintain a long-standing relationship of trust because it contributes to the company’s growth and success through collaboration, transparency, and sharing common goals.

Solid cooperation helps to ensure a constant supply of raw materials and, above all, quality.


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