Innovation in the control of fluids with high-quality products which, once installed, you forget are even there.

The mission of BONOMI INDUSTRIES is simple and clearly defined: we focus on the customer to offer solutions that meet their requirements. Our ambition is to create items which consistently exceed the customer’s expectations, valves that are completely problem-free, including at the installation stage. It is also important to create stability and continuity. We build long-term relationships, built on trust and a personal approach with customers and with all stakeholders in the industry. A relationship centred on the excellence of our products.

We add value, we develop tailor-made services. Because when the customer is satisfied, everybody wins. Each year we handle more than 95 customised OEM projects, meaning that we constantly raise the quality of our output. We keep up-to-date. To be able to perform ever more complex and precise machining, we focus on innovation, regularly retooling with state-of-the-art equipment. Indeed, it is impossible to improve by continuing to do the same things in the same way. We innovate processes and products and we strive to think differently, introducing intelligence and technology into everything we do.

The contribution of everyone who works with BONOMI INDUSTRIES is crucial to the success of every project. In our company relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and employees are founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and respect, cornerstones of  BONOMI INDUSTRIES ever since its creation. This is a family-run company built on values that seek to pass on and share knowledge to all those persons joining the business.

This is all based on a solid and deeply rooted “can do” culture, where facts have always counted. With full respect for the well-being, safety and human rights of individuals, because people come first and we want to protect them in every way possible. How? We take care of our employees, strengthening the bond with local communities through our products which can prevent waste, damage and incidents.

Overcoming the challenges of today means being ready to respond to the needs of tomorrow. This means planning a sustainable world for people and the planet, with everyone contributing. We believe in teamwork, creating solutions through the passion and participation of every individual in the Group.

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