Nowadays, it has become vitally important to prevent the spillage of any kind of fluid, from a primary commodity like water to other substances that could be harmful to the environment.
The correct management of plants, especially those that are large and located in public places, can often be challenging. To address the issue of unattended valves remaining open, which can have negative economic or environmental consequences, Bonomi Industries has developed a line of RuB valves with spring return.

The k.60M valve, heavy-duty series, and the s.84M, both with EN 10226-1/ ISO 228 FF threads. Once open, by turning the handle 90°, they automatically return to the closed position, even when under pressure, thanks to a robust steel spring installed directly on the handle.
In addition to the versions with ISO thread, Bonomi Industries also produces the s.95MR with NPT ANSI B.1.20.1 FF threads.

The most suitable fields of application are service station fuel pumps, taps, tanks, trucks, water dispensers in public areas, etc...and wherever there is a need to prevent unwanted spillage and thereby safeguard against waste, pollution or damage to the inside of the plant.
Industrial plants can be complex and difficult to manage, so we offer appropriate products that guarantee safety and reliability.

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