To make the life of our employees and their families easier and help them economically, in March 2023 we inaugurated a new and welcoming area where our people can have lunch together at a truly symbolic price. The owners strongly wanted a comfortable and bright place where employees could deepen their mutual knowledge and have a quiet chat while eating a full, tasty meal.

The service, which welcomes about 120 workers every day, has a dedicated app to reserve the meal. And for those without a smartphone, the reservation can be made on the spot.
Some employees were actively involved in choosing the meal supplier: the food of the initial five companies that came forward to offer this service was assessed according to criteria of quality, hygiene and presentation, after which three remained.The service considered to be the best was then offered an annual contract.

For Bonomi Industries, being close to our people every day is a priority. And with this new canteen, we can do so in a pleasant, welcoming and serene environment.

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