Everyone's lives are often stressful, caught between work, family, a thousand errands to run and unforeseen events to deal with. That is why any help in this respect is useful. 
Since 2017, Bonomi Industries offers all its employees a very valuable service completely free of charge: at this time of the year, ACLI – a “social promotion association” that deals with social security and tax assistance, among other things – consultants are summoned to the company to offer personal advice to anyone who needs clarification or practical help in filling in their 730 form (employee tax form).
In fact, despite the increases typical of last year from every perspective, the company continues to offer this service in order to meet the needs of its employees and relieve them of yet another commitment that would otherwise rest entirely on their shoulders, both economically and in terms of time management. 
Advice on filling in the 730 form is offered within the company and with the assistance of people who are not only expert, but also helpful and kind.
Because at Bonomi Industries, welfare is a fact of life!

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