Pneumatic actuators are devices used in a wide variety of industrial and automation applications, providing a fast mechanism for opening and closing operations over the long-term. These actuators reliably open and close valves, making them particularly suitable for high-intensity operations.

Powered by compressed air, these actuators are easy to install and operate, as well as versatile. In addition, if compressed air at the right pressure is readily available nearby, they are also  cost-effective in terms of initial investment and allow for low operating and maintenance costs, as well as minimal downtime.

Bonomi Industries can provide valve and actuator combinations that offer optimal efficiency. The actuators are sized to operate the RuB range of actuated valves, avoiding under-sizing and over-sizing issues that can lead to problems or waste in the system. Furthermore, most of our offerings come with a direct mounting platform, eliminating the need for additional adapters between the valve and actuators.

The EA range offers a torque force ranging from 8 to 400 Nm (double-acting version) or from 15 to 350 Nm (single-acting or spring-return version), with the possibility of position adjustment.

Actuated valves are available in 2-way up to 4" and 3-way (both L and T) up to 2". These valves are designed to achieve 100,000 maintenance-free cycles without breakage while maintaining consistent and reliable sealing and torque performance in the long term.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet or contact our sales office.


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