The “Career Day” event staged by the University of Brescia is finally back. After two years at a semi-standstill (last year it was held online) this year, on 22-23-24 November, companies, students, and new graduates will again have the opportunity to meet and get to know one another, and perhaps forge advantageous working relationships, at the university building at Via Branze 38.

BONOMI INDUSTRIES will have a stand at the event on 24 November. The initiative is a unique opportunity to highlight our presence in the local area, present our way of working and our approach, communicate what we are doing and define our development plans. 
In turn, the students and new graduates starting out in the working world for the first time, will have the chance to make contact with us and understand how exciting and challenging it can be to work in a family business with both strong ties to tradition and an international reach, with branches in Japan and the USA. A dimension that increasingly looks to the future, innovation, and Industry 4.0.

In our company, the average age of our workforce is about 45 years old. It is made up of people with structured experience and a high level of skills. However, we see welcoming new employees as crucial because we believe that young people bring vital new energy, ideas, and speed. 
BONOMI INDUSTRIES goes against the tide. At a time of crisis in which various sectors are experiencing a drastic decline, we are focusing on the digital sphere and on the new technologies. And who better than young people to ride the crest of this wave? We seek curious, “smart”, enterprising people whose passion can bring a breath of fresh air and new vitality to the company. Having all the right skills is not essential because they can learn them day by day, as they work. In fact, we set great store by training and those who join our team must never fear new challenges, but leave ample space for ideas, even those that seem impossible to implement. 

University of Brescia students who attend or have graduated from the faculties of engineering and economics can begin collaborating with BONOMI INDUSTRIES in different ways. For instance through an internship or by taking part in our projects. 
So, at Career Day, on 24 November, the young people who want to know more about us can simply book an interview with BONOMI INDUSTRIES, by registering on the dedicated portal on the website where they will find all our work experience opportunities/job vacancies. Alternatively, they can visit our stand then come and see us on site to tour our offices and our new production facility. Our goal is to make contact with new talents who are willing to put themselves to the test.

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