The challenges faced by BONOMI INDUSTRIES do not only include those played out within the company’s own four walls. In fact, last weekend, our employees joined forces to tackle an even bigger challenge, in which we are all battling on the same team to defeat a common enemy: breast cancer.

Created to raise public awareness about the importance of prevention and to raise funds for breast cancer research, “Race for the cure”, organised by the Komen Italia no profit association, has been staged in Italy for eight years, with our company participating this year for the third time.

The theme of women’s cancer is particularly close to our heart, also since almost 40 per cent of our workforce are women.

On Sunday 9th October, about fifty BONOMI INDUSTRIES employees, along with their families and friends, participated in “Race for the cure” in Brescia, a event dedicated to sport but also to solidarity.

At 8 am our colleagues met in a bar in the centre of Brescia for breakfast, courtesy of the company, and Sandro Bonomi, CEO of the company stopped by to encourage the runners.

Then, altogether, we headed to the Health Village set up in Campo Marte to take part in the race: our group had chosen to participate in the 5-kilometre walk to the historical areas of the city. The atmosphere was friendly, festive, and welcoming, characterised by solidarity, and the event also included various children’s activities.

After the walk, we returned home, in the knowledge that we had experienced a wonderful, new opportunity to come together and work as a team, consolidating our relationships and our friendship. And, most of all, to make our contribution to such an important cause.

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