The World Day for Safety and Health at Work, observed annually on April 28th, offers a significant opportunity to reflect on the challenges and strategies in promoting workplace safety and health. For the second consecutive year, Bonomi Industries has organized an event to further this vital discussion. 

This year we were pleased to welcome Professor Bonardi, a specialist in postural gymnastics, to our premises. Professor Bonardi held a workshop focused on the benefits of maintaining healthy posture to alleviate physical strain, thereby helping to prevent fatigue and to enhance productivity. He provided practical techniques for correct posture which are applicable not only at work but also in everyday life, thus supporting our team in adopting safe practices.
Additionally, this event served as a platform to share Bonomi Industries' ongoing safety initiatives, which encompass investments in several keys areas. These include but are not limited to internal and external training programs, the upgrading of existing machinery and specific risk assessments. 
Through these initiatives, Bonomi Industries continues to prioritize a culture that promotes the well-being of every team member and encourage active participation in the company’s safety-related activities. 

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