How much do NON-SAFE installations cost?

Insurance Claims for Water damage to houses and properties cost insurance companies even more than those for theft and burglary!
The average Insurance claims for water damages in Italy is Euro 2500 and covers just restoring the original installations!!!
Typically only 1 in 6 homeowners know the exact location of their water main shut-off valve.
It is often difficult to assess a valve function (Water main? Washing machine? Ice maker?), and even more difficult to determine whether the valve is actually open or closed.
Of course, one normally realizes the difficulty when there is an emergency requiring swift action.


BONOMI INDUSTRIES proudly offers an effective and innovating solution:

– Exclusive, patented product , guaranteed by RuB and Made in Italy.

– Easily recognizable as the main water supply valve and operated by simply pressing the red button for shut off.

– Protection from freezing: Activalve® is temperature sensitive so when the temperature approaches freezing range, the device will automatically shut off the main water supply.

– Activalve® is completely mechanical, so there is no need for electricity,  batteries or wires!

– Caring about your health: The  BONOMI INDUSTRIES  brass ball valve provided with Activalve® is made of first quality lead-free dezincification resistant brass specifically designed for drinking water installations and compliant with most stringent international specifications. Furthermore a special auto-washing ball, which offers protection against Legionella.

– Easy to install – RuB valve can easily replace the existing  water main shut off inside the house and it can be installed quickly and easily thanks to its compression-end fittings.

– 5 year warranty!

– Extremely convenient considering the headaches this product solves!



– Provides a compelling solution for manual shut-off or automated water main shut-off in cold conditions.

– Drastically reduces risk of water damage from burst pipes in freezing conditions.

– Offers peace of mind for remote or absent property owners.

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