During the celebrations of its 70th anniversary, on May 25th, Bonomi Industries has offered its guests a very special gift, highlighting its attention to sustainability and the future: 200 trees.
These trees are part of the Bonomi Industries Forest, initiative launched in 2022 in collaboration with Treedom®, a social enterprise that organizes planting trees at a distance, promoting the development of sustainable ecosystems and supporting local farmers through new income opportunities, with a positive impact on the environment. 

Bonomi Industries has committed to planting 200 trees per year until 2026 in Kenya, including both timber and fruit varieties. This year, the 200 new trees were offered to the guests at its 70th anniversary celebration, giving them the opportunity to become care-givers and monitoring the growth of the trees over time. Updates and in-depth information on various sustainability topics are also available through the Treedom® website. 

This Bonomi Industries’ choice is more than a symbolic gesture; the donation of the trees reflects the desire to stimulate meditation on the positive impact each of us can have on the environment and the community. By 2026, the Bonomi Industries Forest, with its 1,000 trees, will absorb approximately 170.75 tons of CO2 each year, contributing to soil protection and biodiversity in our wonderful planet.

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