Technische Informationen

  • Compact package to fit in restricted spaces
  • Torque output up to 5 Nm (44 in-lb)
  • Working temperature -20°C (-4°F) to +80°C (+180°F)
  • Protection class IP65 comparable to NEMA 4X
  • Micro-switches for open-close signals
  • Micro-switches can pass up to 1A
  • Reversing motor
  • Direct mount on valve for perfect shaft alignment
  • Positive orientation between ball valve and actuator
  • Actuator easily removable for manual operating by screwdriver
  • Visual position indicator
  • Corrosion resistant plastic housing
  • Actuator has successfully passed 100.000 cycle life tests
  • Duty cycle 60%

Suitable for RuB actuatable valves up to 1 1/4” size (only for s.64 LT)

  • 12 V DC, 24V DC;
  • 24V AC 50-60Hz;
  • 110-120V AC 50/60Hz;
  • 230V AC 50/60Hz;
  • 4W for 12 VDC and 24V DC, 6W for 230V AC, 8W for 24V AC and 110-120V AC
  • 5 sec for 12 V DC, 24V DC
  • 20 sec for 24 V AC, 110 -120V AC and 230V AC at 50 Hz (15 sec at 60 Hz)

Dimensions mm

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Technisches Material

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